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我可以交会费吗 monthly?

You cannot pay for the Professional Membership or the Student Membership in monthly installments, 虽然十博注册app很想帮你. 请记住 one of our courses would cost you over 1,000 USD if you were to buy it online elsewhere. So, right there, you are literally saving thousands and 成千上万的美元. 

You can, however, pay for IxDF Design League membership in monthly installments. The reason for this is that the Design League membership is more costly than the Professional and 学生会员. 

That's also the reason we list all our membership fees in 每月利率: 这样你就可以 compare the cost between membership types – even though two of the membership types are paid yearly.
你提供一个 trial membership?
十博注册app不提供试用会员,但十博注册app有 14天退款保证. This way you can explore our entire platform for the first two weeks. 如果这段时间你改变主意了, you can cancel your membership and get refunded — no strings attached. 
我错过了入学机会,现在 课程是封闭的. What can I do?

别担心,如果你 错过了课程. 十博注册app很快会重新运行它. One of the reasons we continually open and close courses is in order to control the classroom size.

Networking 十博注册app的价值主张中很大一部分是十博注册app想要的吗 just 球场内的正确人数. That is also why we display the "XX % percent booked" on our course icons.

我一定要这样吗 在准确的时间上网 to study?

No. 你可以设定自己的学习时间表. There are no "live sessions" since we have members from all timezones around the world. We are a 真正意义上的全球社区.

因此,一旦你被录取,你就可以参加 all the time 完成给定的课程. 每门课程的每一个“教室”都会 never close,所以你会的 永久访问 to your classmates and your course material (as well as your own answers).

a和a的区别是什么 Professional and a Student membership?

专业会员没有要求, and any person interested in becoming a member can purchase it. 学生会员制只适用于学生 全日制学生学校、学院或大学的全日制学生.

作为学生会员,你会得到 同样的好处 as you would with a 专业的会员 - except for 2 things:You will appear as a "student" to the other members. If you want to use your membership to network and get a job, 十博注册app建议你加入专业会员. 你可以取最大值 two courses 同时. You can still take all courses you want during your membership period, with no extra charges – as long as you finish or drop them so that you don’t have more than two courses going on 同时.

我能上你所有的课吗 无需额外费用?

Yes! Once you have paid for your membership, you can take as many courses as you would like with 没有额外的费用. 没有隐藏的费用,只是纯粹的学习和网络.

We’re a community 而不是赚钱机器. 没错,十博注册app和你一样讨厌隐性收费!

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我会收到一个 课程证书?

Yes. 你会得到一台数码相机 行业认可课程证书 每次你完成一门课程. 证书没有过期 可以保存为 .JPG文件,便于共享. Also, there is no limit to how many certificates you can earn during your membership.

You can see an 课程证书的例子 bottom 课程目录.

Can I take 不止一门课程 at a time?
With a 专业的会员 you can take as many courses as you would like, with no further charges. For example, 如果有30门课程, you can enroll in all 30 courses 同时 and move from one to another as you prefer.

With a 学生会员, you can take a maximum of two courses 同时. You can still take as many courses as you would like – free of extra charges – just as long as you finish or drop them so that you don’t have more than two ongoing courses.  

Which 信用卡或借记卡 我可以用它来支付会员费吗?

We accept 维萨、万事达和美国运通 cards — both debit cards and credit cards. 这取决于你生活在哪个国家, you should be able to use your debit or credit card using PayPal checkout (even without having a PayPal account). 



IxDF在丹麦注册, and that could make the transaction appear as an "overseas charge". This could cause your bank's security system to block the transaction.

  • 你的账户缺少足够的资金.

  • There is a temporary technical problem between your bank and the payment gateway.


  • 试试用另一张信用卡.

  • 再来一遍这个过程 choose PayPal 作为付款方式. You do NOT have to have or create a Paypal account — you can simply let Paypal process your credit card and that will likely solve the problem.

  • Call your bank to check if the "overseas charge" has triggered the security system and blocked the transaction. You can request the bank to approve the transaction before making another attempt.


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你能发给我一张吗 invoice 我可以在 wire transfer?

Yes! 请十博注册app的会员支持 and they will provide all the information you need to do a wire transfer 十博注册app在丹麦的账户.

My company wants to buy me a membership; should I choose a 公司成员?

如果你想修课程只是为了 yourself,那么你需要一个 个人/专业 是会员,而不是公司会员. 公司会员资格只适用于 群人 在同一家公司.

你的课程只提供吗 online?
是的,十博注册app的课程材料是100%在线和自我进度. However, there are many ways in which the IxDF's UX design training can be applied on-ground too. For example, we offer group exercises inside each of our courses to learn from and with your peers. 

Besides, 通过十博注册app的论坛, members can connect with a global community of design practitioners who will help you understand our content and tackle your own business problems. You will also be invited to join regular local meet-ups in more than 450 cities, 你也可以选择举办一个! 
Do you provide mostly beginners' or more advanced courses?
We provide courses for all levels of mastery and across the full spectrum. 如果你是设计新手, you can start from our beginner courses and progress all the way up to our advanced ones. 如果你是一名知名设计师, 另一方面, you will find some of our lower-level courses provide a good refresher—and the advanced ones, 有点挑战性. 
Our courses are designed with many different users in mind—from a UX Designer who is starting in their first job to a more senior designer who wants to specialize in a specific path. Additionally, design education can be applied and become beneficial to all roles within a company, so our courses offer value for practically anyone—from a Sales Rep to a Marketing Manager.
How 要花多长时间? 完成一门课程?

You will need approximately 5-8 hours to complete one lesson. 每门课程有3到16节课.

选修一门课程, 每周你都会学到一门新课, which you are free to complete without any deadlines and no end date, either.

You can find thousands of helpful designers in our global community. 在十博注册app的论坛中从其他设计师那里获得有价值的输入, or head to an IxDF meet-up to have an in-depth conversation with designers nearby. 在每个城市都有十博注册app的本地团体, you and your team can connect with UX professionals near you and gain fresh perspectives on your problems.
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